mainstages Theater Games and Activity Kit

Curriculum Guide
Theater vocabulary and goals by age range, opportunities to provide the curriculum in a camp schedule, teaching techniques, navigating the audition and performance process, scheduling tips, and more.  Over 150 unique lesson plans including warm up games, ice breakers, team building exercises, running and concentration games, standard and advanced improv, character/ensemble exercises, and mainstages exclusive nature’s theater program. Also included are lesson plans for innovative rainy day and evening programs such as Variety Shows, Game Show challenges, and creative card games.

Laminated Stage Identifiers
stage directions
vocabulary and commands

Curriculum Supplements
Theater Playing Cards
sound effects CD
“naughty Bell”
rubber Chicken
juggling scarves
“magic” Hat
“act Out” Photos

Camper Handouts (30 copies of each)
color card stock certificate of achievement
actor’s Contract
audition materials and posters
postcard Home

*Kit now includes complimentary consultation with theater director!

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