Pilot Rock Varmint Defiant Trash Can Cover

When various varmints and critters get into your trash you’ve got a BIG mess and a BIG problem. This new Trash Can Cover from Pilot Rock can help defeat those pests and keep them out of your trashcans.  The steel fabricated Cover is hinged to a steel post for easy operation. The cover weight, deep front lip and the security ring all work to keep your can … and the trash … in place. When you pull the trash door open it closes the throat of the cover so no animal can reach inside. Close the door and your trash drops into the can.  Embedded post or surface mount installations are available.

To watch a video of a raccoon trying to get into this Varmint Defiant Trash Can follow this link: http://www.pilotrock.com/trash_recycling/varmint_lid.htm

Pilot Rock Park Equipment is designed and manufactured in the United States by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc., Cherokee, IA, since 1959.  The Pilot Rock product line includes picnic tables, pedestal grills, park and street site benches, campfire rings, bike racks, trash and recycling receptacles and lids, lantern poles, custom signs and more.  Shop online at http://www.pilotrock.com.

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