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HealthCare ClinicCamp, Back-to-School, and Youth Sports Physicals

What are camp, back-to-school, and sports physicals?

Camp, back-to-school and sports physicals are routine health physical examinations provided by Healthcare Clinic. While specific requirements vary by school, camp or sports association, these examinations all provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to discuss important healthcare issues with both guardians and children, and to ensure that the individual is healthy and physically prepared to perform in camp, school, or sports. Physical examinations also provide an opportunity to review the individual’s complete health history and ensure that he or she is up-to-date with current immunization recommendations for their age. During the concussion education session, our nurse practitioners and physician assistants will help families learn how to prevent concussions and know the signs and symptoms of these serious head injuries. Patients will also receive a take-home packet with information to share with their coaches and teammates.

Who are camp, back-to-school, and sports physicals recommended for?

Contact your school, camp or sports association for specific recommendations in your area. Many states require these examinations at least once a year or before participating in any physical activity, camp, or sport.

Camp, back-to-school and sports physicals are available at Healthcare Clinic for patients ages 21 and under. Please bring with you any required forms/letters for completion.  Ensure that forms can be completed by the Healthcare provider. Minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone or guardian and have parental/guardian permission. Most camp, back-to-school and sports physicals are not covered by insurance. Payment via cash or credit card is due at the time of service. Certain exceptions may apply.  

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