20/20 Toolbox: Overview

by Diane Tyrrell, C.C.D.

Strategies for implementation of the 20/20 Vision include:

  • Increasing outreach to camper participants, including those from diverse populations;
  • Reaching out to the broader public and communities;
  • Encouraging more camps and people who deliver "camp" — including diverse models of the camp experience; and
  • Welcoming more camp and youth development professionals to participate with us in the ACA family.

In keeping with the toolbox concept, we are soliciting articles that provide camps with processes and systems on diversity-outreach related topics, such as how to increase diversity, how to serve new audiences, ways to market to diverse clienteles, tools for developing outreach strategies, how to find funding sources, how to be more inclusive of the broader public — the list is limitless.

As we reach out as a more inclusive organization and help camps broaden their horizons, we envision this series will also showcase camps that are implementing varied, unique, and successful outreach strategies and delivery. It is our intention to offer the readers of Camping Magazine the opportunity to learn about other programs and efforts that can be adapted for use in their own camps. Additionally, we are embracing a mind-wide-open view within the article series to include fairly boundless definitions of "the camp experience" and "diversity."

Article Expectations/Writing Guidelines

In order to help ensure that the 20/20 Toolbox goals are met and consistency in the series maintained, we request that articles meet the following guidelines:

  • Toolbox articles should provide real, user-friendly, "how-to-do-xyz" advice and examples, such as tips, techniques, advice, specific examples, dos and don’ts, suggestions of whom to contact, timelines, implementation plans, etc.
  • Any research must include specific application(s) for the end-user (camps); for example, articles must specify how staff can take the research and use it at their camps.
  • Some theory is acceptable, provided that it is used to set the foundation for providing specific examples, tools, and techniques.
  • Sidebars with chronological steps, pertinent information, and resources (print and Web) are encouraged.
  • Articles should be between 1800-2600 words.
  • Photographs are welcome! Photographs must follow ACA guidelines at www.ACAcamps.org/campmag/photo_release.php.

Submitted articles are not guaranteed publication in any specific issue. All articles undergo an editorial review process, and every submission will be acknowledged and reviewed for potential publication. To submit an idea, please contact Harriet Lowe, director of communications, at 765-342-8456; 765-349-3303 (direct) .

Diane Tyrrell, C.C.D., is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA) 20/20 Taskforce and an ACA National Board Member.

Originally published in the 2008 September/October issue of Camping Magazine.