2016 National Conference Discounts

2016 ACA-Sponsored Coupons for Lodging at the Hilton Atlanta!

ACA is pleased to once again be able to offer lodging coupons for the 2016 ACA National Conference.

Camps registering four or more attendees may be eligible to earn ACA-sponsored $100 off coupons for lodging at the Hilton Atlanta. The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and higher attendees may each earn a $100 off coupon to apply toward lodging at the Hilton Atlanta. Restrictions apply — see below for important requirements. To ensure you receive your benefit, please pre-register your attendees.


  1. All attendees must have a full paid registration. Free or complimentary registrations (such as free ACA Student Member registrations) and daily registrations do not qualify.
  2. All attendees must be from the same camp.
  3. All attendees must stay three or more nights at the ACA-negotiated rate in the Hilton Atlanta.
  4. Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, the 4th and higher attendee(s) will need to bring proof of their group’s stay (three nights or more at the Hilton Atlanta) to the ACA registration desk. Attendees who meet the requirements will receive a coupon for $100 off lodging that must be redeemed at checkout. Coupons are non-replaceable, and have no cash value.
  5. The $100 off coupon will be applied to the grand total of the hotel charge. The grand total includes the ACA-negotiated room rate and taxes, and any incidentals incurred by the attendee.
  6. Coupons must be redeemed at the hotel front desk at time of checkout. Coupons cannot be redeemed with either ACA or the hotel at any other time.


Earn a 50% Rebate on Your Southeastern Conference Registration! 

Conference attendees who attend both the Southeastern Fall Conference in Jacksonville, Florida (2015) and the ACA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (2016) can earn a 50% rebate on the Southeastern individual registration fee! 

Restrictions apply — see below for important details.*

Just complete these simple steps:

  1. Register for the Southeastern Fall Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Register for the ACA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
  3. Look for a credit to your charge card, or a rebate check in the mail for 50% off your Southeastern Individual Registration Fee after the ACA National Conference in Atlanta has taken place. 

*Valid only on Individual Registration Rate. National Conference registration must be a full, 1st person individual registration that is a.) not an additional person rate, b.) not discounted for volunteering, c.) not a speaker rate, and d.) not a two-day or one-day, etc. rate.