ACA, SE Visitor Resource Page

Lead Visitors & Associate Visitors

Thank You for helping with visits for the 2014 Visit Season!

This year we have gone as paperless as possible. If you need any of these resources printed and mailed please contact Susan Yoder

Visitor Check Lists

  1. Lead Visitor
  2. Second/Third Visitor

Visitor Assignment Timeline

  1. January 1- Visitor Information Forms and Camp Information Forms Due
  2. February- Visitor Assignments Announced (will be send via email only)
  3. May 1- Camp Self-Assessments Completed by Visitor 
  4. June- August- On-Site Visit (most visits take place during these summer months)

Camp Self-Assessment (CSA) Requirement- NEW!

Every camp who is accepting an accreditation visit is to complete the Camp Self- Assessment by May 1, 2015. Lead Visitors will be responsible to make this happen.

*Failure to complete the Camp Self-Assessment review will result in a denied on-site visit.

"I completed my camps CSA, what happens next?"
Please notify the Field Office  to officially check off your camp as "complete".

"I cannot complete my camps CSA, what should I do?"
The expectation is as the Lead Visitor you will review your camps CSA. If for some reason that cannot happen, please notify the Field Office no later than April 4, 2014 so we can help get a game plan together to serve your assigned camp.

Camp Self- Assessments can be completed one of two ways:
Documents emailed, mailed or viewed checking off the list on the CSA Form
Viewing CSA specific documents on the My Accreditation Site that the camp has uploaded 

Accreditation Process Guide (APG) Updates

Do you have the latest updates to your APG? 
Updates: January 2012, October 2012 & September 2014

Visitor Resources

  1. 2015 Score Form
  2. Immediate Correction Action Form (ICA)
  3. Statement of Compliance
  4. Camp Self-Assessment (CSA)- 20 Pre Identified Standards
  5. Online Reimbursement Form- Want a physical form to print out and send in? Use this form
  6. My Visits Portal

*Score Form, ICA Form and Pocket Guides will be mailed to Lead Visitor  only

Additional Visitor Resources

Additional Accreditation Resources