ACA Southern California/Hawaii Associate Visitor Course

ACA's Associate Visitor course helps participants identify the purpose and structure of ACA's accreditation programs and understand the steps of the process at the camp, section, and national levels. Participants become familiar with the legal implications of visitor actions, as well as develop skills in gathering information, making compliance decisions, and consistently applying the standards in a variety of situations. This course stresses the awareness and acceptance of the intent of the standards to represent accepted practices of organized camping.

Prerequisite: Participants in the Associate Visitor Course must be at least twenty-one years of age, a current ACA member, and have completed the Standards course and an application endorsed by their local ACA office. Click here for Standards courses.


Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center - 2 Irvine Park Rd. Orange, CA 92869
November 14 10:00 am - November 15 1:00 pm


All meals will be provided. Rooms are hotel style with linens provided.




Please direct questions regarding the course to Jami Foster (765) 349-3522 or