Associate Visitor Course

Visitors are the heart and soul of the ACA standards program. Without them we would have no way to implement the accreditation program. There are no costs to you except your time. You will want to check out the qualifications and responsibilities for both the Associate Visitor and Lead Visitor.

Prerequisites for Associate Visitors:

  • Must be current ACA Member

  • Must be at least 21 years old

  • Must have completed a Standards Course within the last year. If you have not completed a Standards Course, please check the ACA Southern California/Hawaii website for upcoming courses. If you are unable to attend one of these courses, there is an online course that can be made available to you.

  • Must have completed the ACA Associate Visitor online pre-course work. This is a one hour module. ACA Inc. needs to enroll online pre-course learners no later than 10 days prior to scheduled course date. Information regarding enrollment in the pre-course module will be provided after registering for the Associate Visitor Course.


Accommodations will be provided by Camp Mt. Crags. All meals will be provided beginning with dinner on December 11th and ending with lunch on December 12th. Please anticipate sharing a room with another course attendee. If you have a request for a particular roommate, please contact Jami Foster - so room assignments can be made accordingly.