Baseball, Apple Pie, and Camp


Media Tip from the American Camp Association
April 10, 2009

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Camp

It seems that we cannot turn on the TV or open a newspaper without hearing a discussion on the state of the economy, corruption, and loss. Not only is this constant negative bombardment emotionally exhausting, it gives the impression that everything is just a mere flush away from being sucked down the giant bowl of economic failure, and leaves us wondering "what is left?"

Well, the good news is that not everything has headed south in a hand-basket. Yes, America, a tradition prevails that we can still count on — there is still summer camp.

American summer camps have been weathering economic climate changes for nearly a century and a half, and have remained viable throughout good times and bad because of the strength and value in their mission to change lives for the better. The camp experience is an American tradition because of the value camp adds to the lives of kids.

Camp helps children:

  • Grow emotionally
  • Develop values like respect, honesty, caring, and sharing
  • Develop critical skills, such as leadership, independence, personal responsibility
  • Participate in physical activities and exercise
  • Connect to nature
  • Form authentic relationships
  • Take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment

It is because of these types of positive outcomes that summer camp has retained its value with American parents for nearly one hundred and fifty years. Camp is a legacy worth preserving. Research provides evidence that all children benefit from the camp experience, and that now, more than ever, camp is an essential part of a child's development.

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