Camp for Every Child: ACA's Commitment


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December 16, 2008

Camp for Every Child: ACA's Commitment

The camp experience preserves and values the natural environment while providing children with unique, first-hand experiences. Through nature-based experiences at camp, children and youth learn, organize, synthesize, and reflect—they experience the outdoors as a safe place and see themselves as a part of a larger cycle of life.

  • Camp celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance. It holds a mirror up so children can see, no matter what their color, gender or socioeconomic circumstances, that who they are is beautiful inside and out.
  • Camp gets kids back to nature. Unplugged from the computer, the videogames, the cell phone, they gain an appreciation for the natural environment and discover the wisdom and fun it has to offer.
  • Camp teaches children how to cope with life's obstacles, become a leader, think outside of the box, and succeed at being themselves. Research by the American Camp Association® (ACA) showed that ninety-two percent of campers felt better about themselves after the camp experience.

Currently, 10 million children attend camp each year. There is a camp for every child, and every child deserves the benefits of camp. However, not every family can afford to send their child to camp. This is why ACA's scholarship initiatives are so essential.

The ACA camp community generates $39 million annually for camp scholarships. And while this is money goes a long way to help deserving campers, ACA is striving to do even more. A recent grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. provided for the development of Camp 2 Grow, an ACA program that includes a scholarship component to increase the number of children annually who are able to attend camp. In addition, through ACA's Change a Life campaign, people can make a donation to sponsor a child's camp experience. For every dollar donated, eighty-two cents goes directly to pay a deserving child's camp tuition.

These initiatives support ACA's commitment to see 20 million benefit annually from the camp experience by the year 2020.

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