Send a Child to Camp Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Send a Child to Camp Fund?

The Send a Child to Camp Fund is an opportunity to give directly to the many children who will benefit from the camp experience but whose families may not otherwise be able to afford either day camp or resident camp for their children.

To which camps will Send a Child to Camp Fund contributions be distributed?

The program was originally launched in five regional areas of the country: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York City. ACA now partners with UltraCamp Foundation and ACA, New England Camp Champions to distribute Send a Child to Camp funds to accredited camps across the country.

How will the children be selected to benefit from the Send a Child to Camp Fund?

Currently, ACA is teaming up with local and regional organizations to identify children in need and select the recipients of Send a Child to Camp scholarships. ACA does not fund campers directly through parents and families; instead ACA-accredited camps apply for support from the Send a Child to Camp Fund for campers in need. For information about where to apply in your area, contact ACA 800-428-2267, ext 517.

How do parents find funding for their children?

Parents interested in receiving support for their child to go to camp will need to apply directly to the camp, as early as possible. Typically, camps receive funding for camperships and make decisions about which campers they will fund prior to the camp season. Almost all camps have some sort of financial support for families in need. We recommend that parents find the camps that suit their child's needs and ask the director what sort of scholarship options are available.

Why concentrate on children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds?

Every child to some extent experiences summer learning loss, which is the result of the lack of organized learning during the summer that causes some information and skills learned during the school year to be lost. Children whose families are not struggling financially have more opportunity to participate in camp and other educational programs during the summer that will help their minds stay sharp and retain more of what they learned during the school year. We believe children whose families are financially disadvantaged should have the same opportunity.

In addition, Send a Child to Camp scholarships help children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to constructively learn independence and safe risk-taking, build essential mentor relationships, and reap the benefits of connecting with nature.

What kinds of camps can participate in ACA’s Send a Child to Camp Fund camp scholarship program?

ACA's partners accept applications from any ACA-accredited camp. Both resident camps and day camps are eligible to take part in the program and play a crucial role in changing the lives of children in need.

Are there plans to expand the program to other camps in regions of the country not currently included?

In 2013, ACA began a partnership with a new foundation to broaden participation to previously underserved regions of the country.

How can you be sure that 82 cents of every dollar contributed will go directly to send a child in need to camp?

Contributions made to the Send a Child to Camp Fund are audited annually and the expenditures are tracked carefully according to general accounting principles.

For more information on how you can help change a child's life, contact or 765-342-8456, ext. 305