Economic Resources

Ten Ways to be Proactive in a Bad Economy
Everyone is painfully aware that the US economy has taken a downturn. Many businesses and industries are facing difficult and scary times. Now that people are more concerned about their future earning power, they are more careful about where they spend their time and money. Here are ten tips to help you stay proactive during a tough economy.

ACA Resources
Camping Magazine has published helpful articles on staying proactive in a tough economy.


How Many Parents are You Turning Away?
Last week a camp director called me in a panic. "We're way behind in registrations and I've tried everything!  I don't know what to do!" While we talked, I pulled up his web site. I asked, "Are you aware that your web site still has your 2010 dates and says "2011 registration coming soon?" Hmm. Tried everything.

ACA Discount Group Purchasing Program
ACA has joined forces with one of the largest group purchasing cooperatives, PurchasingPoint, to save you money. What does this mean to you? Accredited and affiliated camps paying fees to the American Camp Association now have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on our your purchases by taking advantage of the combined purchasing strength of over 4,000 organizations. You will have access to contracts worth $5 billion annually.

Day and Resident Camps: Leading a Proactive Economic Recovery
It usually takes some kind of wake-up call to remind us to do the things that should be habitual.