Adapting The Current ACA Outdoor Living Skills Program

Adapting The Current ACA Outdoor Living Skills Program
Environmental Stewardship

Program Comparison

  • OLS teaches participants
    how to teach others, using skills as
    the medium. Leave No Trace courses teach
    participants how to teach others, using
    a variety of methods with recreation
    ethics as the base.
  • OLS is a skills-based
    program. Leave No Trace is an environmental-ethics-
    and principles-based program, which
    uses the teaching of hard skills to
    implement and apply the principles.
  • OLS has a narrow
    audience—camps that specifically
    teach these skills implement the program.
    Leave No Trace has a wider audience—environmental
    ethics and awareness applies to all
    camps, youth organizations, and all
    types of general audiences.
  • OLS is supported
    by participant fees. Leave No Trace
    is a corporately sponsored program (Recreation
    Equipment Incorporated (REI), Subaru,
    the North Face, Nike, LL Bean, Smartwool,
    and Coleman are major contributors).
  • OLS is recognized
    by a small audience in the camp and
    youth industry. The Leave No Trace program
    is recognized by federal agencies and
    corporate sponsors.
  • OLS is a small piece
    of the ACA puzzle. The Center’s
    mission is to promote responsible outdoor
    recreation—it’s all they

Unique Programs
offered by the Center

  • The Frontcountry
    : An initiative designed
    to meet the increased demand for education
    in Day-Use areas (local parks, on-site
    programs, etc.).
  • PEAK:
    Promoting Environmental Awareness in
    : Four creative and fun lessons
    for ages six to twelve incorporating
    the Leave No Trace Principles.
  • Traveling
    : Traveling educator—the
    Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers—two
    teams of professional outdoor educators,
    who have logged close to ½ million
    miles in their official Subaru Outbacks.
    With this program the Leave No Trace
    message has reached over 7 million individuals.
  • Leave
    No Trace Masters and Trainers Courses
    Two- and five-day courses that prepare
    an individual with additional knowledge
    and teaching skills in the Leave No
    Trace program.
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