Search Institute: Summer Tips for Academic Success

Researchers are now finding that the way kids spend their summer makes a big difference in whether or not they continue to develop well and whether or not they do well in school. According to the National Summer Learning Association, all students experience learning losses when they don’t engage in educational activities over the summer.

To help reduce these unfavorable incidents, Target and the Search Institute have partnered to give parents free summertime tips for 12 weeks on Target's Facebook Play + Learn page. While on Target's Summer Learning page, click on the Search Institute logo to dig deeper and connect with experts and others as we share resources and talk about how to put this research into everyday practice.

To Get Started

Click here to go to Target's Facebook Play + Learn page.

  • Click the "Like" button on the Target Facebook page to receive summer learning tips.
  • Click the "Like" button on the Search Institute Facebook page to receive additional ideas for helping kids succeed.

Click here to learn more about the parternship between Target and Search Institute.  

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