Celebrating 150 Years of Summer Learning

The American Camp Association is proud to clelebrate 150 years of summer learning through positive and engaging camp experiences.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, most children experience some degree of learning loss in the summer months. Research has shown that participation in camp has a positive effect on children while helping to stem learning loss.
Since the first camp was founded in 1861, camp has offered teachable moments for generations of children and youth. And the experiential nature of camp – the hands on approach to learning – allows all children to feel successful, boosting self-confidence and developing a sense of accomplishment.
Communities and organizations across the country are celebrating the importance of summer learning today. ACA supports National Summer Learning Day, and is proud to represent a community that has encouraged summer learning for 150 years.
We encourage you to share your personal camp experiences, including how camp helped stem summer learning loss and contributed to your education and success. You can also share your experiences on Facebook or Twitter.
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I have only attended summer

I have only attended summer camp once, for a week, and it was a very enjoyable experience that I will never forget. We teens were Junior Helpers in the kitchen; I had never done anything like that before. It was wonderful!! We learned a lot about many things. I want to give that same experience to my commumity, so the Lord laid it on my heart to open a summer enrichment day camp last summer and the kids loved it!! We did encourage learning of all types so they could start the new year ahead of the game. We plan to do the same thing this year, hopefully reaching more children so we can help them retain their learning as well. Summer camp is the best! Pray for us!!

The camp I attended from

The camp I attended from 4th-6th grade encouraged us to read during the afternoon rest period. While not everyone in my cabin was interested in reading, the counselors directed us to some books they thought we'd love - and would love talking about - and we did! After returning home from camp each year, and before school started, my mom continued the tradition of an afternoon reading time. It was great and I know it really helped me when school started in September.