ACA e-Visitor Update Course

Attendance at a Visitor Update Course or completion of the online Visitor Update Course is required for all current visitors in order to conduct 2010 visits. This course informs participants on the new and revised standards and other information pertinent to the accreditation visit process. This course is intended for current ACA Visitors.

While attendance at a face-to-face course is optimal for a variety of reasons it is not always possible. The online Visitor Update Course prerequisites include: current membership in ACA, previous completion of the Associate Visitor Course, and current status of Visitor or Associate Visitor.

This online version of the ACA Visitor Update Course can be taken asynchronously allowing for increased access to the curriculum by multiple users. The entire update will take less than an hour to complete.

The local ACA offices will be kept informed of those Visitors in their local area that have completed the online Visitor Update Course.


It may take up to two business days to receive your login and password information



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