Associate Visitor to Visitor (AV2V)

AV2V was developed by the ACA, Southeastern Standards Chair and Field Office to provide current Associate Visitors a “stepping stone” between being an Associate Visitor and Visitor. The goals of this three part opportunity are: • Develop a better understanding of the role of a Visitor • Build confidence as a Visitor • Understand where and how to find Visitor resources • Review important information from the Associate Visitor Training Course. The AV2V “training” consists of the following: 1. Three pre-requisite assignments- each assignment has at several parts. 2. A one-hour group webinar 3. A wrap up survey, which will provide the individual with the opportunity to accept or decline role as a Visitor. Interested? Contact Deadline to register 10/31/2014

Sponsor/Company Name:  ACA, Southeastern
Event Date:  December 3, 2014 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Endorsed:  Yes
CECs:  1
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