ACA, Evergreen Local Council of Leaders

ACA, Evergreen is administered by a Local Council of Leaders who, working with staff, coordinate education events, administer the accreditation program, provide member support and provide information to the general public and the camping community.

New Local Leadership design announced at the 2012 Annual Celebration:

Purpose of the Local Council of Leaders
The Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) are made up of dedicated volunteers assembled throughout the field with the following purpose and call to action:

  • To provide local structure and delivery to further the strategic priorities and vision of ACA, Inc.

  • To act as a conduit for communication and transfer of information to and from the local level to the National Council of Leaders.

Evergreen Council of Leaders 2013

  • Local Council Chair - Carol Johnson

  • Professional Development Chair - Carrie Kishline

  • Standards Chair - Bill Tubbs

  • Representatives -
    Alaska - Amanda Block
    Puget Sound - Jennifer Dickson
    Eastern WA & Northern ID - TBD

  • Volunteer Development Chair - Jan Viney

  • National Council of Leaders Representative - Paul Sheridan

  • Staff - Chelsea Hendrikx

Committees/Work Groups:

  • Complaints Resolution

  • Professional Development

  • Public Policy
    Alaska - Tom Burek
    Idaho - TBD
    Montana - TBD
    Washington - Tom Nielsen

  • Standards

  • Volunteer Development

What skills and talents do you have to offer ACA, Evergreen? Let us know when you're ready and available to volunteer for a one-time project, ongoing committee, or in any other capacity!

Council of Leaders

ACA, Evergreen Contact Information

Chelsea Hendrikx, Executive

Phone: 765-342-1343

Toll Free: 1-800-428-2267 x 343

1904 SE Sherrett St.

Portland OR, 97202