Explore 30 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACA going to mandate that all campers must read while at camp for 30 minutes or will it be left up to the camp to decide whether or not to make it mandatory?

  • ANSWER:  Camps can determine how they will implement Explore 30 and which campers are involved in the program.  The goal of the program is that campers will read for 30 minutes per day.  Exactly how this goal is targeted, encouraged, and attained can be determined by each participating camp.              

What ideas does ACA have for implementing Explore 30 into camp programs? 

  • ANSWER: See “30 Ideas for Integrating Reading in Camp Programs” at the Reading Resources area.

Does ACA provides incentives for campers who achieve reading goals?

  • ANSWER:  Some Explore 30 partners will be providing reading incentives.   Also, the Explore 30 patch is a good end-of-session award or incentive.  Camps that wish to approach local civic groups or related organizations for program funding (for items such as reading resources or incentives) may want to use the “Explore 30 Letter of Request for Donations” as a template (updated as needed).

Will ACA be providing Explore 30 camps with books and children's magazines? 

  • ANSWER:  ACA is currently identifying Explore 30 partners who will be contributing books and children’s magazines to Explore 30 camps.  The exact number of books/magazines that will be shipped to each camp is still to be determined as communications with Explore 30 partners are finalized.  Although some partners are providing books/magazines to a specific sample of camps, ACA will distribute resources as widely as possible. 

When will camps receive these materials?

  • ANSWER:  Books/magazines will be shipped in May. 

How will ACA monitor the content of books/magazines that are distributed by Explore 30 partners)? 

  • ANSWER:  ACA will not review each book/magazine and it will be up to the camp’s discretion whether or not to use the book as part of Explore 30.  Whenever possible, titles of books/magazines will be shared before books/magazines are shipped so that camps can respond appropriately to the opportunity to receive such items.