Sesame Workshop (The Electric Company) Reading Resources- CAMPER RESOURCES

Camper Resources (for Explore 30 camps serving children 6-9 years old)

The Electric Company- The Lost Guide to Prankster Planet -To extend the Prankster Planet experience, The Lost Guide to Prankster Planet has been developed for children to use in the classroom, after school, and at home. This resource extends the math concepts and vocabulary featured in the animated The Adventures of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet broadcast segments, as well as the overall trans-media learner experience. Secret Prankster Planet information is shared with the reader and children have to collect and save hidden words to save the world from becoming wordless!   The text and images are strongly connected to support comprehension, particularly of math related vocabulary and for additional vocabulary enhancement, a “word vault” or glossary highlights unfamiliar words.

Camps enrolled in Explore 30 by May 1, 2012 will have an opportunity to express an interest in receiving copies of this magazine.