Sesame Workshop (The Electric Company) Reading Resources- EDUCATOR RESOURCES

Educator Resources

Summer Learning Program (SLP)

The Electric Company's Summer Learning Program is a six-week multimedia experience consisting of 24 sessions, with four 90-minute sessions per week.  Learn more.

Extended Learning Program (ELP)

This 18-week multimedia programming experience consists of 36 sessions designed to be delivered twice a week in after school programs and other out of school time settings.  Learn more.

  • TEC Extended Learning Program guide covers
  • TEC Extended Learning Program guide content (188 pages) * in 2 PDFs part 1 and part 2*
  • TEC Extended Learning Program training script
  • TEC Extended Learning Program training presentation
  • TEC Extended Learning Program YouTube link to 36 video clusters:

Camps can request print versions of these resources by emailing   One resource is recommended per every group of 25 children ages 6-9 years old.

29 Extension Activities

OPEN FIRST- Explanation of the resources below. As you dive into these 29 learning adventures and numerous activity pages and extensions, you’ll find that each one incorporates a multimedia, multisensory approach to reading and writing to help insure that the learning is exciting, engaging, and effective.  These resources are designed for program directors, after-school and summer providers, and homeschooling parents. Whether you’re looking to use these materials to teach children, lead parent workshops, or adapt them in any way that fits the needs of your organization or program, these resources are for you. These resources also include group games and take-home pages.