Top Feature #2 — All camps in the U.S. can be listed

ALL camp programs in the U.S. are now invited to have a free listing!
(ACA-accredited camps will show first and will display the ACA-accredited camp logo.)

For the past 15 years, ACA's website has listed only ACA-accredited camps.  Why change?

There are approximately 12,000 camps in the U.S.; 2,400 of them have earned ACA accreditation. This means ACA's old Find a Camp shows only 20% of the camp choices. If you were searching for a flight or hotel, would you go to a site that listed only 20% of the flights or hotels?

Similarly, we believe that many parents visit competing camp listing websites because those sites may list 10,000 or more programs and ACA has previously only listed 20% of the camp options. Read more


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