Top Feature #3 — More powerful search

We've updated nearly every category that a parent uses to find a camp:

Grade — In addition to age, we now allow a parent to enter the school grade of his or her child.

Physical/mental challenges — Besides nearly doubling the number of challenges listed, we also allow a parent to choose whether a program specializes or exclusively serves campers with that challenge.

Activities — Besides more than doubling the number of activities, we've also grouped them into categories. Even more than that, we've given the parent the power to choose whether an activity is for recreation, has instruction, or is intense and/or has competition.

Session dates — A parent can now find programs occuring between specific dates — any time of the year!

Cost — Since parents now find camp programs/sessions, a parent can enter a cost range and ONLY find programs/sessions that fit their budget.

Faceted search — Powerful, faceted search will let you change the criteria while searching.


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