Community Grant Program

Application Deadline: 
December 31, 2012
Grant Category: 
Mission and Outcomes
Participant Development and Behaviors
Program Design and Activities
The Brown Rudnick Charitable Foundation Corp.
Amount of Grant: 
maximum: $2,000
Grantor Type: 
Private Foundation
Applicant Location Requirement: 
Rhode Island
Description of Grant: 
The Community Grant Program proceeds from the premise that those involved on the front lines of the educational system, “below” the top management level, often have unique insight into small but significant needs or innovations that are often overlooked and which, with foresight and focus, could be addressed in the near future to make a positive difference to the community served. One purpose is to provide funding to assist with small, concrete projects or needs which will make an improvement in inner city education in Boston, Hartford, New York City, Providence and Washington, D.C.