Camp practices protective behaviors and relationships


Camps, parents, and campers are learning important lessons in the management of the 'influenza-like' virus at summer camps across the country.  Awareness and development of positive wellness habits are being developed – all of which will serve the schools well come this fall when kids return to school and the 'flu season' arrives.  Millions of children and their families will be returning to school with well understood and practiced precautionary habits.

Some outstanding and creative practices we have heard about so far include:

  • Individual tongs for each kid to use on the salad bar (to keep the healthy eating option)
  • Alcohol wipes at high contact program areas (ropes courses, horseback riding, crafts, etc)
  • Going to family-style serving at the table done by the staff member (serves and pours for all at the table)
  • Strongly encouraging camp staff to get plenty of rest

To share protective activities or practices, beyond hand washing and safe sneezing, instituted at your camp contact ACA at 765-349-3317 or Protective behaviors can also be shared on ACA's message board. ACA would love to share innovative suggestions for keeping campers safe and healthy with the camp community.

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