On The Move Conference

On the Move: Connecting camping and youth development professionals

February 8, 2012

Flat Rock River YMCA/Ruth Lily Outdoor Center- St. Paul, IN

5.5 CEC's

  • Back Pocket Games: When Time Surprises You: Brandon Cole
  • How to Write an Effective Challenge Course Policy & Procedure Manual: Erinn McCluney
  • Stewards of Children- Prevent Abuse Indiana (Those wishing to take the Stewards of Children workshop MUST pre-register during the registration process to ensure we pre-order sufficient workbooks.) 
  • Programming for 5-8 yr olds: Nikki Nestor McNeely
  • Bullying Preventing- Prevent Abuse Indiana
  • Expanding Your Borders - designing programs to become more inclusive: Tim Nowak, Kristin Baxter, Brandon Cole
  • Advocacy 101 & 2012 Legislative Update- Mindi Goodpaster, Lucinda Nord
  • SMART Strengths- Exploring Further: John Yeager



February 9, 2012

Flat Rock River YMCA/Ruth Lily Outdoor Center- St. Paul, IN

Standards Course- Jill Frey

9am- 5pm. 7 CEC’s

ACA's Standards course serves as an introduction to ACA's Standards Program and helps participants prepare for accreditation visits. The course describes the purpose and value of standards and accreditation, and gives an explanation of how the process works and what resources and materials are available. The course offers specific discussion about the requirements of the standards, including: application of the core and specialized activity standards, mandatory standards, and written documentation requirements.

  1. $10 Member includes lunch

New Director Orientation- Anna Weigand

9 am- 5pm, 7 CEC’s

NDO is a special eight-hour course for seasonal or new camp directors, assistant directors, program directors, or persons that have been in other administrative positions and are considering directing summer camp. NDO is designed to be offered at the section or regional level. The NDO course helps directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders for their camp program. The course covers five core areas of camp management: leadership, risk management, camper behavior, staff training, and staff supervision.

  1. $75 Member- includes lunch, session, workbook

Incorporating Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development Into Camp - Niki Nestor McNeely

9:00 am- 12:00 pm, 3 CEC’s

Several years ago ACA began to place an emphasis on camp as an environment for positive youth development.  Research was conducted to support that concept.  Several other national youth organizations concur and have identified some specific elements that are essential to the growth and development of youth.  This session will identify eight essential elements that, in combination, create a positive environment for youth development to occur.  Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the elements through engaging group activities with an emphasis on how to incorporate the elements into the camp setting.  By intentionally including these elements in program design, youth have the ability to participate experientially in activities and events, feel nurtured in a safe environment, master new skills and abilities, and feel that they are contributing to their environment and communities in a positive way.  The curriculum being used is available free of charge and can be used to train others who work with youth, including camp staff.

  1. $40 Member includes lunch

Simple Strategies to Enhance Staff Training- Niki Nestor McNeely

1:30pm- 4:00 pm, 2 CEC’s

How do counselors rate your staff training? Would the training have more impact if it were more active, fun, and interesting? Would you like staff to be more engaged in learning and increase retention during training?  Would you be thrilled to have staff teaching young people utilizing strategies that keep campers involved and excited about learning?  Did you know that by asking the right questions your teaching and training skills can be improved?  The presenter will share teaching strategies and experiential learning activities that can be used to teach multiple topics, with a focus on staff training.

  1. $40 Member includes lunch


Cancellations must be in writing or by email to ACA, Indiana. An administrative fee of $10 will be deducted for cancellations before Feb 1. After Feb 1, the refund will be reduced by the cost of food ordered and variable costs expended for your registration.