Camp Job Fairs — Your Recruitment Strategy

Today's college students have different goals and experiences than you did when you were their age. Don't rely on your own experience to reach them. Simply find out what is relevant to them (work experience, personal growth, fun and excitement, or money for college) and explain how working at your camp can meet those needs. Kenneth C. Green of the Claremont Graduate School suggests the following recruitment strategies:

  • Identify the competition who else is selling jobs in your area?
  • Articulate the value-added opportunity selling your benefits is critical to recruitment.
  • Invest in training training is a marketable asset; job seekers want to know what skills they'll learn.
  • Build a network.
  • Pay your staff market-value wages.
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Perfect. I think this is what

Perfect. I think this is what we have lacked in the college. We didn’t had this network which was so crucial in building the campus recruitment facilities be effective in our college. And there wasn’t even any kind of training sessions that were provided to us.

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