ACA Responds to the Emerging Issue of Public Violence

A Proactive Response by the Camp Community

Peg Smith, CEOSince February 2013, ACA has executed an action plan to address the issue of camp security. After thoughtful, association-wide deliberation and review, leadership teams have developed and organized the resources below — with the understanding that they are living documents to be updated and evaluated as best practices continue to emerge. I encourage camps and other youth development organizations to use these resources and engage with ACA toward our collective goal: healthy, safe, experiential learning environments for our children. — Peg Smith, CEO, American Camp Association


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Discussion Guide

This Discussion Guide and questions are meant to serve as starting points for conversations that examine critical policies and practices needed to be prepared for acts of violence and other crisis situations. Every program is different and must examine their own program, staff, and participants to know the best way to address the issues. The questions serve as a springboard for conversations between administrators, staff, emergency response personnel, and other relevant stakeholders.

Be a Part of the Solution