Look Up at the MOON with NASA

Coming September 6, 2014

International Observe the Moon Night! (InOMN)

InOMN is an annual event dedicated to encouraging people to “look up” and take notice of our nearest neighbor – the Moon.  Check out this site for materials and resources, and add your own event to the world map.  When you’re not looking at the Moon, try these hands-on activities. Learn more.

Crater Creations 

In the 30–45-minute Crater Creations activity, teams of children ages 8 to13 drop small objects (“asteroids” and “comets”) into layers of sand, flour, and cocoa powder.  The impacts create “craters” – just like those seen on the Moon! The children observe images of lunar craters and explore how the mass, shape, velocity, and angle of impactors affects the size and shape of the crater. Learn more.

Mission Moon 

Children ages 10 and up work in teams to assess environmental conditions, resources, and scientific relevance of different locations on the Moon using data collected from previous lunar missions. Each team selects the site they believe has the best potential for a future lunar outpost. The teams debate their conclusions and work together to determine which single site to recommend to NASA. This 1 to 1.5-hour activity can be divided into parts. Learn more.

Host a Moon-viewing Event

New to hosting a moon-viewing event, or looking for new tips?  Download a tip sheet.