Staff Training Favorites from the Bookstore

Load up your staff training shopping cart with these ACA Bookstore favorites.

Camp Is for the Camper 
by Connie Coutellier
Camp is for the Camper assists camp counselors in working more effectively with campers and addresses important topics for new and returning counselors. Topics: responsibility as a role model, camp as a positive force in youth development, arrival, the first day/night, social trends, parent interaction, age and developmental characteristics, reinforcing positive behaviors, courtesies of group living, understanding behavior clues, homesickness, bed-wetting, ADD/ADHD and more. We suggest having a copy available for each Cabin Leader.  Consider making the online course available before counselors arrive at camp.
Super Staff Supervision

by Michael Brandwein
Lead staff to be their best with this practical how-to manual by well-known camp trainer Michael Brandwein. Written in his warm, engaging style, with specific techniques for directors, assistants, head counselors, program directors, and everyone who manages camp staff, you’ll find the book packed with gems you can implement for Summer ’15.


Pocket Guide for Day Camp CounselorsPocket Guide for Day Camp Counselors (Second Edition)
by Bob Ditter
Bob Ditter’s Pocket Guide For Day Camp Counselors  provides counselors with a toolbox that fits in their “back pocket.” Full of quick and easy tips and guidelines for working more effectively and confidently with campers, this book covers everything from homesickness to bullying at camp.

Managing Difficult BehaviorsManaging Difficult Behaviors – DVD
by Susan Fee
Some kids have behaviors that are difficult to manage, especially in group situations. If camp staff are not careful, they’ll find themselves growing irritated, losing patience, and becoming resentful. As such, it is important for all staff to agree on what is considered acceptable or inappropriate behavior and to respond in a consistent and fair manner. Managing Difficult Behaviors details how staff can reconfirm their response style, as well as how they can establish reasonable rules and appropriate consequences.  Behavioral expert, Susan Fee, offers practical advice camp staff will find relatable and effective. Vary your training with quality DVD’s.


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