Target Population & Diversity

ACA is committed to providing resources to help camp and youth development leaders understand the needs of persons with different experiences, backgrounds, cultures and abilities, and the opportunities and strategies for recruiting and serving a diverse client population. These resources will help you:

  • Increase outreach to camper participants, including those from diverse populations
  • Reach out to the broader public and communities
  • Encourage more camps and people who deliver youth development experiences — including diverse models of the camp experience
  • Welcome more camp and youth development professionals to participate with us in the ACA family

ACA Resources

  • 20/20 Toolbox Series
    The 20/20 Toolbox series provides resources to help camps realize ACA’s 20/20 Vision of serving 20 million children, youth, and adults through the camp experience by the year 2020. We call this series a "toolbox" for a reason — our intent is to focus on providing hands-on, real life, "how-to" ideas — ideas that can be implemented and go beyond theory.
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Special Populations