ACA Logos: Accredited Camp Logo Spacing/Colors

The accreditation logo is a symbol to the public of a camp's commitment to excellent professional practices for the safety and well-being of its campers. Its use is a privilege reserved for camps that currently meet all requirements for ACA accreditation. A camp may not display this logo if it fails to meet the minimum requirements of the ACA standards program and has not been approved by its section board of directors.

A camp may not display the ACA-accreditation logo if the camp's fees are not current in payment, if a legal representative of the camp has not signed the Statement of Compliance for the current year, or if accreditation has never been earned or has been removed for any reason. Any improper use of this logo is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law. All actions regarding the logos shall be brought and maintained in the courts located in Marion County, Indiana, and you hereby waive all objections to jurisdiction and venue therein.

The accreditation logo must stand alone. A minimum amount of clearspace must surround the logo to separate it from other design elements. This required area of isolation must be equal to the vertical height of the three lines “american CAMP association.”


To ensure readability, the minimum size for the accreditation logo is one-inch wide.


    PMS CMYK Hex
    Black Black #000000
    PMS 294 c/100, m/58, y/0, k/21 #0F4588
    PMS 208 c/0, m/100, y/36, k/37 #7F2B52
    PMS 3268 c/90, m/0, y/49, k/0 #00B3A5
    PMS 130 c/0, m/30, y/100, k/0 #E7B400
    PMS 3298 c/100, m/0, y/57, k/42 #007067

Additional Color Palette Information

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