Accredited-Camp Logo Use on the Web

Show parents that your camp is proud to have earned ACA accreditation. Display the accredited-camp logo on your camp's website. Choose from one of the following sets of HTML or customize it to meet your needs.

Example 1
(This will link the accredited-camp logo to ACA's home page.)

<a href="">
<img src="logo_name.jpg" ALT="American Camp Association"></a>

- OR -

Example 2
(This will link the logo to ACA's home page and add two text links below the logo.)

<a href="">
<img src="logo_name.jpg" ALT="American Camp Association"><br>
ACA Home</a><br>
<!-- Substitute "123456" with your ACA camp number in the following line. -->
<a href="">Verify ACA Accreditation</a>

Linking to ACA's website,, or any other page found at ACA's website is encouraged, provided our web pages are not placed in frames or otherwise modified from their original look and feel. No permission is needed to link to articles on the ACA website. But, please include our name and URL (American Camp Association, as attribution.

Give the public strong and consistent key messages about the value of accreditation and the status your camp has achieved by earning ACA accreditation.

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