ACA Logos: Eligibility Requirements

Accreditation Logo Camp Gives Kids a World of Good® Logo Primary ACA Logo

Accreditation Logo

  • A camp may display the accreditation logo if their camp fees are current, the camp has successfully completed the accreditation process, and has a current signed annual Statement of Compliance on file with ACA.
  • A camp may NOT use the symbols of ACA accreditation, nor may it publicize ACA camp accreditation if
    • The camp failed for any reason to meet the minimum requirements and is not accredited by the local leadership OR
    • The camp has been ACA accredited but
      • The ACA camp fees are not current OR
      • A legal representative of the camp has not signed the Statement of Compliance for the current year.
  • Do not abbreviate "American Camp Association Accredited Camp" in your promotional materials. There are other organizations with the acronym ACA, such as the American Canoe Association and the American Correctional Association. Use the accreditation logo. It is a symbol we all want the public to recognize.
  • Any improper use of this logo is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law. All actions regarding the logos shall be brought and maintained in the courts located in Marion County, Indiana, and you hereby waive all objections to jurisdiction and venue therein.

Camp Gives Kids a World of Good® Logo

By being a member in good standing with the American Camp Association, you are entitled to use this logo in and on your promotional materials, letterhead, stationery, etc. HOWEVER . . .

  • You must have a signed, noncommercial, license agreement on file with the ACA, Inc. office stating your agreement to all the terms and conditions of the use of this logo.
  • There is no charge for use of this logo or for signing a license agreement.
  • You must display your business and/or camp name and logo on all products displaying this logo.
  • The license agreement includes a list of products on which you may display this logo, along with your name and/or camp logo, which includes T-shirts, binder covers, posters, and calendars.
  • Once again, the logo cannot be altered in any way and must include the registered trademark and copyright symbols.
  • This benefit is for camps and businesses that are ACA members. It is not an individual member benefit.
  • Read the Logo Use Requirements.
  • Download Camp Gives Kids a World of Good® Logo.

Noncommercial License Agreement (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view these files).

Please download and return completed first page to Kim Brosnan by fax: 765-342-2065 or mail to:

American Camp Association
5000 State Road 67 North
Martinsville, IN 46151

Primary Logo

This is the primary logo of the American Camp Association. This logo CANNOT be used by camps, individuals, or businesses.

Call the national office at 800-428-2267 for further clarification.

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