Find a Camp - Frequently Asked Questions

Adding or editing my camp

  1. Is there a cost to list my camp?
    No. ACA wants as many children as possible to have a camp experience, and we believe that the new Find a Camp will help parents find an awesome camp for their child(ren).
  2. My camp is NOT ACA-accredited. How do I add my camp?
    Log into ACA's Customer Service Center. If you don't have ACA login information, then click "Create New Contact" to create a record for yourself. You can add the camp while creating your new contact record.
  3. What if I don't know all the details about my programs and sessions yet (e.g., dates, cost, etc.)?
    We recommend entering all the details that you do know now. When you finalize the details, you can add that information to your programs and sessions.
  4. How can I edit my camp name and/or Web site address?
    E-mail the updates to Tom Schenk or call ACA at 800-428-2267.
  5. How long will it take to enter information about my camp?
    It depends on how many programs you have and how detailed they are. We estimate 5-10 minutes per program. If you have two similar programs, you can copy the original program and make necessary modifications to the copied program.
  6. I am responsible for many camps. How can I add many camps?
    For a camp to be listed on ACA's new Find a Camp, it must first be created in ACA's database. Download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, fill it out and save on your computer, then e-mail it to Tom Schenk and we'll help get the basics of the camps in our database. Then, you'll be able to see the basics of those camps in the new Find a Camp and you can enter the remaining data.
  7. Can you send me a paper form to enter my camp's information?
    In the new Find a Camp we built an online tool to allow you to update your camp's information in real-time; anytime you want. Since there is so much information to collect, using paper forms isn't practical. Your programs and sessions can be added or modified online anytime, however.
  8. Are camps outside the U.S. listed?
    There are some camps outside the U.S. with a listing in Find a Camp.  They can be found with any of the search criteria except location.  View a list of camps outside the U.S. by location.

Logging in

  1. How do I login?
    Log into ACA's Customer Service Center. Then click the link to Find a Camp. Be sure you are using your individual ACA login credentials (not the ACA camp number).
  2. Who can login to add/edit my listing?
    By default, only the person in ACA's database designated as the "primary contact" of the camp can add or make edits. If you want to allow other staff at your camp the ability to add or edit your camp's listing, please fill out the Find a Camp editor form.

Help or feedback

  1. I need help. Who do I contact?
    Visit our assistance page for multiple ways to get help.
  2. I have a suggestion or want to give feedback. Who do I contact?
    Please contact Tom Schenk, IT Director. E-mail (preferred) or call direct 765-349-3513.