Benefits of Camp: Key Messages

Experience a community that fosters positive relationships, healthy risk taking, and acceptance.

Examples of what camp can do . . . .

Adventure educators have documented the benefits of structured adventure activities on camper development. Improvement of self-concept has been primary for children and youth. Read moreMatt Brownlee and Rita Yerkes, Ed.D., Camping Magazine, November/December 2003

A model for volunteerism, the 4-H Volunteer Camping Assistants program touches lives and teaches campers a few lessons about respect, friendship, and loyalty. Read moreJessica Orndorff, Camping Magazine, July/August 2003

ACA accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality camp programming.

Experience a community where children, youth, and adults play to learn.

Examples of what camp can do . . . .

Running, swimming, baseball, basketball, sailboats, and sun – these are the first images associated with summer camp. This past summer, however, Camp Alvernia added a new program – visual media. Read moreAaron Ranstrom, Camping Magazine, May/June 2002

Through the generosity of one camp's program, families enjoy four-day vacations and find the benefits of the camp experience in a relaxed, natural setting. Read moreAnn Fullerton, Ph.D., Ted Hulbert, Paul Pierson, Jennifer Waldorf, and Annie Calhoun, Camping Magazine, May/June 2002

Experience a community where learning contributes to growth and development.

Examples of what camp can do . . . .

In New York, more than ten thousand young people spend a month of their summer vacation in a special camp program to help them retain what they learned during the school year. Read moreJim O'Donnell, Camping Magazine, January/February 2002

Programming for service opportunities in today's camps offers a variety of options, from short-term experiences to a fully integrated curriculum that links action and reflection. Service learning, therefore, may be best understood as a method to encourage campers to act, reflect, develop, and learn through community-organized service. Read moreJoel S. Garavaglia-Maiorano and Joel Pile, Camping Magazine, September/October 2001

The Hole in the Wall Discovery Center in Ashford, Connecticut, has facilitated a model diversity program that partners the best of camp and school. Read moreElizabeth Jeffrey, Camping Magazine, September/October 2001

Experience a community where everyone is welcome.

Examples of what camp can do . . . .

Israeli teens experience American camping at Tamarack Camps: "An important opportunity to integrate American and Israeli campers in the same cabins and villages so they could live together, learn about each other's culture, and develop long-term friendships." Read moreWendy Rose Bice, Camping Magazine, January/February 2003

S.C.O.P.E. (Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge) is a program of the American Camping Association New York Section that makes summer camp available by funding ACA-accredited, nonprofit camps with "camperships" for children in need. Read more
Jennifer Flax and Marc Honigfeld, Camping Magazine, January/February 2002

Across the country, among families dealing with serious diseases, the camp movement for children with such conditions is on the rise. Read moreMelora Mayo, R.N., B.S.N., Camping Magazine, November/December 2002

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