Public Service Announcements Featuring Camps, Special Needs Camps Now Available

MARTINSVILLE, IN (March 27, 2007)—As a nonprofit, charitable organization, the American Camp Association (ACA) provides information to the public. ACA's new public service announcements/b-roll packages, "Ready, Set, Camp!" and "Camps with a 'Can Do' Attitude," are available to broadcast media for your station's use. These films may be previewed on our media center.

If you are interested in receiving the video footage as a high resolution MOV file for your station's use, contact Allison MacMunn at 765.349.3317 or, and she will rush a DVD format copy to you. Further information and a description of each film are provided below.

Ready, Set, Camp!: approximately five minutes in length.
"Ready, Set, Camp!" includes footage of a diversity of children engaging in camp programs nationwide. Activities range from soccer and rock climbing camp programs to rock star and marine biology programs. This VNR also shares interviews with camp professionals about how to choose a camp and the benefits of camp. Voice-overs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Donald S. Cheley, Chair, American Camping Foundation, Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park, CO
    "Great things happen when youth and mountains meet.  By going into a mountain experience, and being right on the edge of where you feel comfortable, things open up.  To get wet's not a bad thing.  To have some trepidation by climbing a mountain, or getting on a horse." (01:03:01:26 )
  • Peg L. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, ACA
    "One of the greatest benefits I believe that children receive when they go to camp, it's a place where they can in fact be children and can be young people, and there's so few environments left today that have been designed for children and youth and it's, it's a gift to kids today." (01:04:03:02)

Camps with a "Can Do" Attitude: approximately four minutes in length.
ACA believes that every child deserves a camp experience, regardless of special needs. This VNR highlights children with special needs engaging in camp programs, enjoying themselves, and trying things that some thought they would never have the opportunity to try. This VNR also shares interviews with camp professionals about how to choose a camp and what opportunities are available to children with special needs, as well as, an interview with a family who shares the benefits of their son's experience at camp. Voice overs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Charles D. Butler, Board Member, ACA, Retired, NIH, U.S. Dept. of Health Services
    "We've taken children out of the intensive care into camp, and I think that it gives them a new look on life and gives them a chance to see that wow I can do these things just like anybody else can do." (01:00:24:10)
  • Peg L. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, ACA
    "All parents know that their children are children first, and the benefit of sending a child with special needs to camp is that they get to be a child first.  They don't walk in a label.  They don't walk in being identified around their special need." (01:01:26:08)
  • Steiner Family
    "Every time he comes home from camp he's just bubbling over with excitement.  So proud of himself and his accomplishments and it's exciting for us to see him with so much self-confidence." (01:03:27:20)

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