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Education reform has become a widely debated topic in communities and homes nationwide. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and current debate suggests the current education system may not be providing the 21st century skills needed to become successful, productive adults in tomorrow’s world. Often, this discussion is missing one critical component: Camp.

The American Camp Association (ACA) reminds families that camp fosters year-round education through:

Developmental Growth — Developmental growth – such as independence, self-sufficiency, and learning to overcome adversity – is the foundation for academic achievement. Research shows that participation in intentional programs, like camp, can help stem summer learning loss – providing experiences that challenge children, develop talents, and expand horizons.

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic — Camp was founded by educators. Today camps continue the practice of using things like environmental studies, map reading, and habitat restoration to teach problem-solving, math, and biology. Camps also promote reading and writing, whether through quiet time in a bunk, or scheduled time for journal and letter writing.

Partner with Schools — Camps and schools often partner together to create exceptional learning opportunities, even when school is not in session. According to ACA’s recent survey on Camp-School partnerships:
     • Fifty-eight percent of responding camps said they partner with schools either directly or indirectly.
     • Approximately 43 percent of responding camps said that they partnered with schools primarily to keep children engaged throughout the year.
     • Targeted programs include teamwork, social skills, and problem solving.

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