Job Title Overview

The terms used as titles for positions within the camp industry and other industries varies greatly. Often terms can be used to describe a relationship with other employees or a relationship to a department such as Assistant Manager of Program or Aquatic Supervisor. Job titles and the language used can indicate the level within a business such as Assistant Camp Director or Executive Director. Consider the use of the following as job descriptions are developed:

  • Supervisor — Use of the word supervisor in a title implies responsibility for directing and evaluating the work of other employees.
  • Manager — The use of the term manager implies the overall responsibility for a program, activity, or physical area of the business. Property Manager is an example.
  • Director — The term director implies both the overall responsibility for an area of operation and the responsibility for those working in the area. Examples include Program Director, Waterfront Director, and Camp Director.
  • Specialist — This term implies that the position requires a special skill or ability in order to fulfill the essential job functions such as Riding Specialist or Aquatic Specialist.
  • Activity Leader This title is used to describe a person who leads a defined activity. It may often be used interchangeably with Program Specialist or Activity Specialist.