List of Job Description Titles

The following are available in both PDF and MS Word format.


I never knew that there were

I never knew that there were so many job titles in one place. well this Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report obviously makes this a very big company doesn’t it? Well, it is going to take some time for me to understand all the roles of each of the job title.

Camp Director

Thank you for the help with the job descriptions. They are specific and there should be no questions as to what the duties of individuals are.

Leader-in-Training Director

I found the job descriptions posted here to be a huge help! Thank you so much. I'm interested in a Leader-in-Training Director position descriptions. Mine is okay, however I'm very interested in learning how other camps utilize this position.


Sarah Resch (
Camp Whitcomb/Mason

Administrative Job Description

The programs related job descriptions on the website I have found to be very helpful. Thank you,
What I’m looking for is help with administrative job descriptions ED, Development Director, Accounting Manager, any administrative descriptions or organizational charts would be great.
Thank you,
Betty Adams (