Nature Education Resources: Take the Nature Pledge!

The American Camp Association and the Children & Nature Network (C&NN) are collaborating to help you connect with children and the outdoors at your camp and beyond . . . . So, start a checklist for green living at your camp by downloading this pledge. Be green role models for your campers.

Ways to use this pledge:

  • Print and use with groups of youth (or adults) at your camp.
  • Send the pledge home with each camper and encourage them to use it with their families.
  • Add the pledge to your camp’s online newsletter or with print materials.
  • Promote this pledge with your camper families or rental groups to encourage a connection with nature.

What can your camper families do? They can live green, too! Encourage your campers to bring home and sign the Green Is Spoken Here pledge.

Instructions for camper parents:

  • Follow through with the great experience your children have been having at camp and/or the outdoors.
  • Make room on your fridge for this pledge.
  • Take time to connect with nature and to share the natural world with your children.
  • Remember that all of us are stewards of the environment.

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