Tips for Writing Opinion-Editorials

Opinion, or guest editorials, are an excellent opportunity to tell readers about the importance of the camp experience. An opinion editorial typically educates a reader on a relevant subject or expresses an opinion on a particular issue.

Most newspapers have very specific guidelines for writing editorials so you may want to check with the editorial page editor first. Some newspapers post their guidelines on their Web sites. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you write your guest editorial:

  • It is best to keep op-eds between 650-700 words unless otherwise indicated. The longer the op-ed, the greater the chances it will be edited or declined all together.
  • The placement of the op-ed is significantly enhanced if a community leader or someone who is considered "newsworthy" writes it. Perhaps you have a prominent business professional who benefited from camp or a leading child educator who you have worked with to develop camp curriculum.
  • You should accompany your editorial with a brief note explaining who you are and why you’re writing the piece. Include your name and contact information.
  • After sending your editorial, call the editor and extend an offer to work with the paper in revising your article.

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