Media Relations 101: ACA Communications Toolkit

Spin? Hype? Publicity? What exactly is Public Relations?

As the term applies, it is relating to your target public in some manner whether it's through an article in the newspaper, a story on your Web site, or a public service announcement.

For public relations to be most effective, however, it should serve a larger organizational goal or objective whether that goal is to increase enrollment at your camp or help attract funding. Public relations can help.

Public relations also shapes public opinion. A good story about a camp can have an enormous impact on recruiting camp counselors or campers. A negative story, on the other hand, can have devastating consequences.

For public relations to work, it must be strategic. We must ask ourselves to whom are we communicating and what do we want to say? We need to be able to effectively articulate the benefits of camp.

The public relations toolkit is designed to help camps with proactive media relations and crisis communications support. It is not a substitute for the Hotline but rather serves as a guide to help you maximize your public relations effort.