Is It Newsworthy?

Before implementing any communications tactics, it is useful to ask yourself if your story is newsworthy. Most editors, reporters, and news producers will look at seven indicators to determine if a story is newsworthy. When pitching a story idea to the media, it will be helpful to keep these seven indicators in mind:

1. Timeliness

  • Is the story something that relates to current events or breaking news?
  • Is it being released on the heels of national or statewide news on the same subject; it is localizing a national or regional story?

2. Impact

  • How many people in the community will the story influence or affect?

3. Novelty

  • Is there anything out of the ordinary happening?
  • Is there something that will challenge our assumptions or beliefs?

4. Currency

  • What are people talking about now?
  • Is the item something that is occurring in current events or on everyone’s lips?

5. Prominence

  • Are well-known people or institutions involved?
  • Do prominent newsmakers, celebrities, politicians, or other high-profile people play a role in the story?

6. Proximity

  • Is the news happening in the community or region where you are pitching the story idea?

7. Conflict

  • Is there drama, clashes between people and institutions, etc.?

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