Camp Membership Program - Q&A

Here are the answers to some questions we have been asked regarding this membership.

What Are the Membership Types?
There are three types of ACA membership: individuals, camps, and businesses.

Are There Target Markets for the New Camp Membership?
The membership design group identified five specific national targets for the pilot, although customization is encouraged locally. The five national targets are all camp or camp-like programs and include:

  • Afterschool programs
  • Short-term religiously affiliated programs
  • Short-term special needs programs and their sponsors
  • Government programs, including parks and recreation departments
  • Camps outside the U.S.

What Are the Benefits of Membership for Camps?
All members (individuals, camps, and businesses) enjoy the benefits of associating with the American Camp Association, the professional association for camps, youth programs, outdoor programs, and professionals. Specific benefits have been identified for each type of member. For a long list of benefits, see "Introducing ACA and Member Benefits."

Why Don't All Camps Have to Be Accredited?
ACA provides the option of accreditation as a service to members and the public — although it is not a requirement for ACA membership. We encourage all camps to strive for accreditation and implementing exemplary professional practices. While many camps are ready and well-equipped to seek accreditation, others are looking for ACA educational programming and other services to grow a credible camp organization and to better serve the children in their program. It is important to meet the needs of more camps and/or individuals as ACA strives to fulfill its mission. See the "Triangles of Membership."

Do Members Sign a Statement of Minimum Practices When They Join?
No. In order to make a clear separation between membership and the service of accreditation, camps do not sign a statement of minimum practice on joining. A welcome packet will be provided to each new camp with information about practices identified by ACA's National Standards Commission as the most minimum practices that should be addressed by camps. The welcome packet will also include information on educational opportunities, including ACA's Standards Program and trainings.

Is There a Logo Especially for Member Camps?
No, there is not a logo specifically for member camps. All members have the option of using the Camp Gives Kids a World of Good logo for noncommercial purposes.

How Much Does It Cost?
Membership dues for camps start at $350 and increase on a sliding scale based on the camp's operating budget.

What If a Camp Wants to Remain a Member but Stop Being Accredited?
An ACA-accredited camp is a member camp that has achieved accreditation. For two years, ACA will be piloting this new membership program. During this timeframe, the new camp membership and its dues table will be available to new camps/programs only. The program will not be available to currently accredited or affiliated camps during this time. Also during this time, we will be evaluating the opportunity for deeper discounts on a variety of products and services for accredited camps.

New Camp Membership Information
Resources are available that we think you might find helpful:

  1. ACA Membership — Get the Facts
  2. Introducing ACA and Member Benefits
  3. Triangles of Membership: An illustration of membership and the services of ACA

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call the membership team at 765.342.8456. We are happy to talk with you about ACA membership.