Michigan Visitor Information and Resources


If you are the LEAD VISITOR for the visit, please make the following arrangements as soon as possible:

  • Contact the Associate Visitor to determine possible dates for the visit that are convenient for both of you (in addition to the camp).
  • Contact the Camp Director and arrange a Camp Self-Assessment and mutually convenient date for the visit.  Please email Becky Pasman the dates for your CSA and on-site visit date (for the Michigan Visit Calendar) once dates are arranged.
  • Remind the Camp Director that the visit should occur on a “typical day”.  During the visit you will want to tour the camp living areas, program areas (horses, aquatics, high ropes, tripping area, etc.), health center, food service, maintenance area, and any other camp facilities.  The person that attended the Standards Course for the camp should be at the camp on the day of the visit.
  • At the completion of the visit:  Be sure each Visitor and Associate Visitor signs the score form.  Mail the score form to the ACA administrative office in the envelope provided as soon as the visit is completed.  Also email the Standards Chair confirming the visit has been completed.


If you are assigned as the Second Visitor, you should:

  • Wait to hear from the Lead Visitor; he/she will make the contact with the camp. 
  • If you do not hear from the Lead Visitor, please contact the Lead Visitor to help move the date setting along.

A Few Reminders About Scoring From the National ACA Office

  • Remember to write a comment for any “NO” score given!  Put the initials VS by your comments, NOT your own initials. 
  • Have the Camp Director to keep a copy of the Score Form for their records, however, remind them to NOT copy the front page.
  • If a camp misses a Mandatory Standard:
    • Complete an Immediate Corrective Action Form (ICA).
    • Clearly indicate what needs to happen in order for the camp to come into compliance with the Standard. 
    • Have the Camp Director sign the form and leave the appropriate copy with them. 
    • Mail the ICA form with the score form – please do this immediately following the visit.
    • Verify with the Camp Director/representative they clearly understand the process and what their responsibility is.
    • The documentation to verify compliance will be mailed/emailed to the National Office.
    • A copy of the documentation is then sent onto the Lead Visitor for approval/denial. 
    • The Lead Visitor in turn completes the necessary paperwork (acknowledging approval or denial of actions taken) and sends all documentation onto the Standards Chair for Board Action.

Please review the CSA included in your mailing.  All camps must complete a CSA with their assigned visitor(s) (remember written materials must be reviewed in person, via email, fax, My Accreditation /My Visits, or U.S. mail) prior to staff training.  CSA’s will help camps be better prepared and shorten the time of the on-site visit. 

Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to the following guidelines:

  • Parking – actual cost
  • Meals – customary and reasonable for the locality of the meeting (approximate maximum $15.00 per day)
  • Mileage - at the rate set by the IRS
  • Necessary lodging will be paid up to $25 per day

Please attach receipts for all expenses.  If you prefer not to be reimbursed for expenses, we will be happy to provide a donation statement for tax purposes.  Please mail the voucher:  Denise McClure American Camp Association, 5000 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN 46151-7902 or e-mail to dmcclure@ACAcamps.org

EVALUATION FORMS (click on the link below to access)

Camp Evaluation of Visit
Visitor Evaluation of Visit
Visitor Mentor Evaluation