Children and Nature Belong Together

Leave No Child Inside

How Camp Teaches Kids to Think Green!
Camp programs are among the very best ways for children to learn a lasting appreciation for nature and a lifelong interest in caring for the earth.

ACA Resources
Camps share the value of outdoor educational experiences from farming and gardening camps to wilderness and experiential nature camps.

Take the Nature Pledge!
Start a checklist for green living and ways to include the outdoors in your family activities.

Richard Louv The Natural Gifts of Camp
By Richard Louv

Every summer, when I was in junior high and high school, my buddy Pete Sebring would disappear for a few weeks to a camp in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. I resented it. For me, those humid July weeks back in Kansas dragged, and then Pete would come home telling tales of adventure — as if he had been to some alpine Oz. Read More

Online Resources
There are many Web sites that can help you and your child connect with nature.

Green Resources for Family Fun
Nature Rocks and Hooked on Nature's Nature Circle Cards

Read Green!
Here is a list of books—for parents and children—to help you get in a "Green" state of mind.

Family Fun Ideas to Get Green!
Ten ways for you and your child to connect with nature.

  • Enjoy a five senses hike.
  • Organize a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Explore a local nature trail.
  • Camp out in the backyard.
  • Take a nature photo safari.
  • Put up a bird feeder and watch for visitors.
  • Observe the night sky.
  • Plant a family tree and watch it grow.
  • Invite neighborhood kids to join in a bug walk and critter talk.
  • Become a Junior Ranger at one of our National Parks.