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Risk and Crisis Management Planning: A Workbook for Organization and Program Administrators (Third Edition)
Connie Coutellier
Book/CD-ROM $49.95
Risk and Crisis Management Planning is a tool to help administrators create a plan that will fit the circumstances of managing their organizations and the sites and programs they provide. The worksheets and templates included in the book and on the CD are divided into two main categories: those that address the overall crisis and risk management of the organization and those that address the crisis and risk management of each program.

Risk-Management Planning
Connie Coutellier
DVD $49.95
Proper risk and crisis management involves a process that is designed to keep an organization safe and provide for the continuation of its programs. Being prepared for crisis will help camp staff relax and enjoy the positive contributions and programs that their organization provides. Risk-Management Planning details the four steps involved in developing a sound risk-management plan. The DVD identifies the range of exposures an organization has and provides examples of actions that resulted in financial loss, as well as offers techniques or methods to prevent, reduce, or control the loss of resources.

Crisis Communications Weathering the Storm: A Handbook for Camps and Other Youth Programs
Marla Coleman and Jessica Coleman
Book $39.95
The key to managing a crisis is communication—in prevention, in response, and in recovery. A well-conceived crisis-response communications plan will ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information to support the varied needs of campers, staff, families, and the larger community. Within Crisis Communications Weathering the Storm, you will find resources to create your own customized crisis-response communications plan, as well as suggestions and templates for a complete crisis plan.

Managing Risk on the Water With Generation Me
Cathy Scheder
DVD $49.95
This DVD is designed to serve as a resource for camps that want their staff to understand the responsibility and risk associated with their programs and their role in helping keep participants safe. The DVD discusses the challenges of working with Generation Me particularly in an aquatic environment. It also offers recommendations for bridging the gap between the reality and the expectations that camp staff have with regard to providing a sound risk environment.

Camp Waterfront Management
Cathy Scheder
Book $24.95
Camp Waterfront Management combines a clear interpretation of the ACA aquatics standards with the author's 20+ years of practical experience with waterfront management.

The Safety Zone: Guidelines for Maintaining a Safe Environment When Working With Children
Bob Ditter
DVD $49.95
This invaluable DVD features updated material designed to make it more relevant than ever. It covers factors such as how children become overstimulated, what the best ways are for counselors to discipline children, and the “five golden rules” of supervising campers. Bob also specifies what behaviors are appropriate for staff to use with children, what the “three safe places” are to touch a child (along with the benefits of using touch), protocols for trips out of camp, and new material on Internet safety.

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e-Institute Courses

NEW! Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Risk Management 
(1 hour, 1.0 CEC)
This course will help all staff that have the opportunity to work directly with children and youth think about their responsibility for making it a safe and enjoyable experience. It discusses the importance of the counselor’s role and responsibilities with children in their care.

NEW! Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (1 hour, 1.0 CEC)
This course provides critical information for directors and frontline staff on the process of reporting possible child abuse and neglect, including an overview of types of abuse and neglect and possible indicators.

NEW! Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Bullying Prevention (1 hour, 1.0 CEC)
The way you respond to bullying and model appropriate behavior sets the stage for a great summer or one that can lead to very unhappy consequences. The goal for this course is to help you learn the right ways and avoid the wrong ways to manage bullying problems and create a great camp experience for your campers and staff.

Coming Soon! Effective Supervision Skills for Senior Staff (1 hour, 1.0 CEC)
This course will cover essential skill areas and best practices of the most effective supervisors at camp.

Criminal Background Checks — Dispelling the Myths and Confronting the Realities (1 hour, 1.0 CEC)
This course provides an overview of criminal background checks critical for anyone in a human resources or staff hiring role.

Health and Safety: Preventing Injuries and Illnesses (Four Part Series) (1 hour 15 minutes, 1.25 CECs)
These courses highlight the importance of preventative behaviors and practices for camps. These four mini-courses target prevention strategies that camps can use to reduce the likelihood of camper and staff injuries and illness. Learn how to minimize the spread of communicable diseases, reduce slips and falls through the use of proper footwear, increase the use of protective equipment in youth activities, and improve safe knife-handling techniques.

Ticks, Tears, and Toothpaste: A Counselor's Role in Healthcare
(45 minutes, 0.75 CECs)
No matter what job a counselor has at camp, it'll be working with and around children. And while counselors may be excited about teaching crafts or swimming or tiddlywinks, the bottom line for the parents who brought their children to camp as well as for the camp director is that the children have a safe and healthy camp experience. This e-course is designed to bring attention to this.

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ACA Camp Crisis Hotline

The ACA Camp Crisis Hotline is a 24-hour-a-day service to all ACA camps. The Hotline serves as a resource for camps in crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crisis with a trained third party. While the hotline is not a medical nor legal "expert" call line – it can help you think through your issues and discuss options.

The CampLine

The CampLine is ACA's free online newsletter, providing camp-specific knowledge on legal, legislative, and risk management issues. The CampLine is published three times a year covering topics such as: legal perspectives, regulatory matters, risk management, personnel management, current legislative issues.

Read the Spring 2011 issue online.

Crisis Communications Toolkit

Communicating effectively during a crisis is critical. To help all camps prepare in the event of a crisis, we've developed a Crisis Communications Toolkit to help guide you in your communications. This should not serve as a substitute for the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline but rather should help you understand the components of a good crisis communications plan.

Knowledge Center

Bullying: Child Health and Safety Issues
Find Camping Magazine articles and other ACA resources on bullying prevention at this Web page.

Reduce Injuries and Illnesses
ACA's Healthy Camp Study Final Impact Report explains the findings from a five-year study monitoring injuries and illnesses at camp and offers tips for preventing illness and injuries at camp.

Child Abuse: Child Health and Safety Issues
Find comprehensive resources on the prevention and recognition of child abuse at this Web page.

Accreditation Center

The Standards for ACA Accreditation educate camp owners and directors in the administration of key aspects of camp operation, program quality, and the health and safety of campers and staff. They also establish guidelines for needed policies, procedures, and practices. Visit the Accreditation Center for more information.

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I think these are a set of

I think these are a set of instructions that needs to be followed to golden age cheese avoid any problem in the future. This is what risk management truly is. It is the foreseeing of the future. And I am one who cares for the future.

Another Risk Management

Another Risk Management resource.
In the book I wrote, "Outdoor Site and Facility Management: Tools for Creating Memorable Places," the topic in the last chapter is RISK. The chapter covers various aspects of site and facility risk management and includes 5 tools.

The book is available in the ACA bookstore, through the publisher Human Kinetics (, or at Amazon.