2013 ACA Member Survey Results — Key Information

In January 2013, ACA surveyed its members to find out more about their needs and how they rate ACA’s current products and services. Here are some high points from the results of that survey. (You can also view the full report.)

What the Survey Tells Us — ACA Member Needs, Products, and Services

Top Reasons for Belonging to ACA (in ranked order)

  1. Accreditation
  2. Education
  3. Networking
  4. Supports the profession

Important Services

Members rated nearly all products as “important” with the top three being (in ranked order)

  1. ACA standards materials
  2. ACA’s Web site
  3. ACA regional and local conferences

Many members indicated they were unaware of many products and services including (in ranked order)

  1. Online communications toolkit
  2. Music and video licensing
  3. Online photo gallery
  4. CampParents.org Web site

Satisfaction with Services

Members indicated very high satisfaction with nearly every product and service. The built-in importance–performance matrix also showed that members rated the same products as important and as high performance. These two indicators tell us “keep up the good work” in these areas. The products and services with the highest satisfaction rates were (in ranked order):

  1. Standards materials
  2. Camping Magazine
  3. ACA Web site
  4. Accreditation and standards trainings
  5. Regional and local conferences

Issues Important to the Individual Member Personally

In this open-ended question, the top issues respondents said were “most important” for their own professional development could be grouped into the categories of (in ranked order):

  1. Staff training
  2. Programming and activities information
  3. Human resources
  4. Leadership, supervision, and managing people
  5. Risk, crisis management, and safety

Overall Response Rate

The survey response rate was adequate at the national level but low for most local offices.

What Does the Survey Tell Us about Volunteerism and ACA?

A few questions focused on volunteerism because (1) ACA local staff and councils are working to define volunteer work and (2) a national task force on volunteerism may find the data helpful.

  • Those who have or are volunteering for ACA feel appreciated.
  • The top reasons given for not volunteering for ACA were (in ranked order):
  1. Unaware of opportunities
  2. Life/job situation does not currently permit
  3. Volunteer someplace else
  4. No one asked me
  • Respondents favored the longer-term (year or longer) and project-based volunteer opportunities over the micro-volunteer (1 month or less) opportunities, although most had no real preference.