ACA Seeks Candidates for the Board of Directors

Application deadline: November 24, 2014

The American Camp Association Board of Directors is seeking candidates to fill open member‐at‐large positions beginning April 2015.


The ACA Board of Directors is responsible for setting the direction of the association. The board believes that all board members, present and future, must:

  • Understand and value the vital role camps play in the development of healthy children and young adults.
  • Advocate articulately for ACA and its vision.
  • Advance the mission, vision, values and ends of ACA by extending personal and professional credibility, expertise, and leadership to the organization.
  • Think broadly and strategically about the role of camps and of ACA.

ACA is committed to recruiting board members from ethnically diverse communities and to having board members from throughout the United States and from a broad spectrum of professions. The board is particularly interested in maintaining a diverse perspective and in involving as board members persons who have influence within their professional circles. 


  • Board term: 3 years
  • In-person meetings held prior to national conference and two additional times each year
  • Conference calls four to six times each year
  • Board members sometimes also serve on a national committee or task force
  • Application deadline: November 24, 2014

2015 Priorities

The focus of board nominations this year is primarily on independent directors whose work and professional expertise can further the goals of ACA. You are also welcome to refer professionals with experience outside of the camp community. Those who demonstrate a commitment to youth development, recreation, and the camp experience and those who represent diverse and broad backgrounds and skills are specifically welcome. Recommendations of individuals who are current camp professionals with experience with on a nonprofit board are welcome.

Candidates should:

  • Have highly developed oral communication skills and be accustomed to speaking out in a group setting.
  • Be a “big picture” person and have the ability to grasp the nature of operations of a complex, multifaceted organization.
  • Be comfortable with change as ACA continues its transformational period.
  • Be a problem solver. He or she should be adept at spotting issues, considering courses of action, developing a sense of pros and cons of various options, and reaching a decision.
  • Be self-confident, yet collaborative in spirit.
  • Be accustomed to dealing professionally with individuals of high achievement in a range of professions and activities.
  • Be a self-starter. He or she should take the initiative when appropriate to make contributions to the board and not always be in a passive mode.
  • Be committed to the board process, willing to attend and participate in meetings and conference calls.

Application Process

If you are interested in serving on the ACA Board of Directors, or if you would like to recommend a candidate, please contact with an attached resume and any other pertinent information. Alternatively, you may complete the Board Prospect Form. For additional helpful materials, visit ACA's Governance Web page.

If you are recommending someone other than yourself, please indicate whether the potential candidate has granted you permission to submit his or her name and contact information.

Anticipated schedule:

  • December–January: Potential candidates interviewed by phone
  • February: Recommendations for membership presented to the current ACA Board of Directors at their national conference meeting 
  • April: Elected candidates begin board service immediately following board orientation